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The Sweet Spot For Audience Engagement
Kristin Arnold on Jul 27, 2015
QPC Inc - The Extraordinary Team

As a professional meeting facilitator and panel moderator, I ADORE my catchbox! It always surprises the audience and keeps me from having to run around the room. Especially during an audience Q&A session or small group report out, I ask the first questioner to pass the catchbox to the next person (and so on), which really increases audience engagement. And since I don't have to run around, it saves precious time.

Really impressed, really happy
Verena on Nov 24, 2015
Feldenkrais Institut Wien

We are very, very pleased with our catchbox! We love the ease it has given our group of 50 students in the ongoing Training Program. Needless to say: they loved the Catchbox from the first minute. But we knew we could expect the positive social effects. What we are really impressed with is the excellent quality of the mike. It works just perfect in our big room. There is never any noise from catching or handling the Catchbox and people can even gesture and change the distance to their face without any change in quality or volume! It's absolutely worth the money.

Fun & Faultless
Anthony Smith-Chaigneau on May 26, 2015

The Catchbox broke the ice from the very beginning of our recent Berlin event of around 100 people and was used not only as a 'throwable microphone' but on speaking panels as well, in a sort of 'Pass-the-Parcel' mode. As MC, it aided me enormously so much so that I found myself hugging it, speaking into it and throwing it around the room as part of my act. It worked flawlessly and we would recommend this as a great edition to any conference or speaking event.

Fantastic Product!
Adam Phillips on Mar 21, 2015
Uptown Events

We have used the product every week since we received them. We are involved in a large number of conferences for large companies and this is a great way to run the Q&A session. The clients love the product and for our technicians its very easy to use. The interaction with the speaker and audience is now fun.

Makes my job a lot easier!
Alex Osterwalder on Mar 19, 2015

Catchbox makes my job as a keynote speaker and facilitator of workshops a lot easier. The interaction with the audience becomes more fluid and more fun - in particular when I work with large audiences! It's simply brilliant!

Best Yet!
Alan Questel on Jan 22, 2016
Uncommon Sensing LLC

I have taught large groups for years, passing around a hand held microphone...the killer of spontaneity. Catchbox completely changed everything! My audience participation went from a dreary task to being playful, engaging and just plain fun! I have brought it with me to other countries and everyone loves it. I am about to purchase my second one. Trust me, you and your audience will love it!

Livens up an audience!
Amy Burns on Jun 10, 2015

I recently participated in an adult learning class and the presenter introduced us to the Catchbox. What a fantastic way to engage and invigorate the audience! I can see this being a fun tool to use to encourage communication in the classroom, too. Easy to use with clear audio.

You can personalise it!
Gerrit on Apr 28, 2015
HCIBS | LiveOnlineEvents

Remember to add you own tagline or brand. Mine just says "Dare to Ask!". Adds to the fun ...

Its Great!
John on Mar 19, 2015
Swinburne University of Technology

The catch box is a great way to get people to actively engage and actively listen. All eyes are on this squishy colourful box and everyone wants to contribute to the discussions and workshops.

An absolute must for more dynamic in your programme.
Sandra on Mar 19, 2015

As a project manager of an events agency I have used the Catchbox for one of my clients for an internal business symposium. The Catchbox was very successful and a nice gimmick to get interaction with the participants. We have used it with 150 people and it worked perfectly. Also the reactions of the guests were very positive.". Adds to the fun ...

Poor Audio Quality
Peter on Apr 25, 2015
Peter Maes

Great product to have fun and good interactivity with the audience, but a nightmare for the audio engineer. The microphone inside the catchbox definitely needs some attention from the designers.