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The Catchbox comes in two different versions, 2.4 and Pro, in three different replaceable covers: Blue, Orange, and Green. Choose the correct one according to your audience size and event setup.


Catchbox Pro

Beltpack Modification

  • Unlimited Audience Size
  • Range upto 100m/330ft
  • >20h battery life
  • Licensed Frequency

Catchbox 2.4

Wireless Microphone System


  • 1-100 Audience Size
  • Range upto 30m/100ft
  • 10h Battery Life
  • 2.4GHz (License Free)

Catchbox Cover

Soft Replaceable Outer Cover

  • Dirt Repellent
  • Magnetic Locking


Prezi is a presentation platform that helps you connect more powerfully with your audience. Because Prezi and Catchbox both work in the presentations fields with similar visions to improve engagement, we now come bearing gifts - every new Catchbox Order comes with a 6 Month free subscription to Prezi Pro. Simply enter the 10 Digit code we send you with your order confirmation.



Some of our

Make your next event unforgettable !

Whether you are planning to host a conference, meeting or lecture, the Catchbox can help you make your next event memorable and productive by getting audiences engaged and part of the conversation.


use case#1

With the Catchbox, asking questions from the audience is easy and fun, even in crowded and packed settings.
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use case#1

Hosting a meeting or company all-hands workshop? Catchbox is a great way to break the 'first question ice' and get employees talking.
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use case#1

Activate your students with the Catchbox, making lectures fun and engaging getting everyone involved in the discussion.
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" We use the Catchbox to get everyone to participate, making lectures more about collaboration. "

Prof. Kalevi Ekman, Aalto University

"We've been using the Catchbox in our weekly meetings. It's great!! We are all great fans over here."

Phil Libin, CEO Evernote

"Best new device for crowd Q&A I've seen. A throwable mike...I'm getting one for school for Startups."

Doug Richard, Speaker and Entrepeneur

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